Hey, i'm Ariana Torralba, creator of this site and Mike Stone cartoons-and the comics i write here at home. I'm 26 years old now, from Fort Cobb, OK. As my pasttime stuff i do, i like to draw, write a lot, sing, dance, play the bass guitar and drums, work on the comics, and i feed our pets. Other jobs i do around here are to wake up early everyday and make the coffee then clean( used to get paid but that has ceased). As my at-home "jobs", i write stories and movie scripts. Love rock music, been a Linkin Park fan for as long as i've been creating Mike Stone- 13 1/2 years. Got questions? Please, feel free to email or post your question on the Forum. Thanks!!
Ariana Torralba
More music. More bands.
the used  4.96MB
i like this song so much i just don't know the name!!!
bids eye-mike patton/serj tankian  4.86MB
i love this song, serj has a really soothing voice.
i'd like to hear from people. contact me at:

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MCR Find

MCR Find

A new pic of the week is a find online, perhaps from a fellow fan of My Chemical Romance.


Okay, don't know when I can get a laptop, so here is a section specially done for the coming of the new Mike Stone. This one may be a little longer than the others I have made. Enjoy!!
Ariana Torralba
Plot: Karen wants to go to New York City, she talks Tre Truback and Kaylee Stone into going so she wouldn't get in trouble alone. Now lost, they are left wandering in the city with little money. No choice, the guys go to the city and go in search of them. Aaron McGiggns, Gilmore McGiggns, LoverBoy Mervin, Devon Slayevezz, and Mike go on the journey and meet their heros, Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus.

Preview #1:
Mike: We are goin' to NYC!!- I've never been there, but I'm leadin'! * Vin is dressed for work. Mervin looks sad*
Mervin: We're gonna get lost too.
Gilmore: Trip!
Aaron: Are you gonna go too, Vin?
Vin: Nope, I gotta go to work at MuscleWheels and to guard our Coca Cola.
Gilmore: Guard our Cola well, my brother.

Preview #2:
*this is from the cover I created for the comic version which will end with a back cover too*
*shows a post with the characters in this ones names and Sean and Norman are Reading it.*
Sean Patrick Flanery: Hey, Norman, weren't you in the Lover Boy's Gang then?
Norman Reedus*arms crossed*: I was the original Liver Boy, Cassanova Reedus.
*and here is the back cover with a sign reading The End*
Sean Patrick Flanery: Cassanova Reedus?? How real is that, Cassanova?
Norman Reedus*glares*: Hey, shut it. It's real. It's as real as...real. Can be... Just be quiet Sean!!

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