Hey, i'm Ariana Torralba, creator of this site and Mike Stone cartoons-and the comics i write here at home. I'm 26 years old now, from Fort Cobb, OK. As my pasttime stuff i do, i like to draw, write a lot, sing, dance, play the bass guitar and drums, work on the comics, and i feed our pets. Other jobs i do around here are to wake up early everyday and make the coffee then clean( used to get paid but that has ceased). As my at-home "jobs", i write stories and movie scripts. Love rock music, been a Linkin Park fan for as long as i've been creating Mike Stone- 13 1/2 years. Got questions? Please, feel free to email or post your question on the Forum. Thanks!!
Ariana Torralba
More music. More bands.
the used  4.96MB
i like this song so much i just don't know the name!!!
bids eye-mike patton/serj tankian  4.86MB
i love this song, serj has a really soothing voice.
i'd like to hear from people. contact me at:

@Ariana_Torralba on Twitter
@ariana_torralba91 on Instagram

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MCR Find

MCR Find

A new pic of the week is a find online, perhaps from a fellow fan of My Chemical Romance.

First of all, hello. Long time hasn't it? Well, I realized the last time I updated the Random News Blog, I was married and pregnant and 23 years old. And the last time I updated my contact information, I was 20 years old... Well, I am now currently 26 years old and divorced. Been divorced since September of 2015, remained single til May of this year. Plenty has happened. Working on getting custody of my son, seems to be taking forever. Possibly had a broken/dislocated collarbone since mid 2015, haven't had it checked but intend to soon. I turned my old zombie scripts into a book series, you may have come across it. They're titled When The Dead Came 1 and 2, Apocalypse World/Survive, and When It Ends/Aftermath. Been working on getting all my scripts out there and have contacted a lot of agents and film companies. Also been entering writing contests, hope to move away from home again finally, have been learning other languages again, drawings, knitting, and getting my makeup efx out there. Took me til late 2016 to find out that My Chemical Romance had broken up back in March of 2013 which sucked. And recently, the death of Linkin Park's Chester Bennington was a shock as well, having been a Linkin Park Soldier for years. It's like losing a family member. So, there has been a lot of stress, struggling with money issues and groceries, and currently have a headache and tension in my neck. *exhale*
But, then there is Mike Stone Cartoons. I have been creating them since childhood up until October of 2012 when my third ex at the time told me to be more realistic in goals. Now, 2017 and with the whole surprise of MCR and Chester Bennington, I decided to finally bring Mike Stone back. I never finished Mike Stone's Return as intended due to the stress and anxiety going on. Now, I am back to creating new ones. Mostly for my son at first, but then realized I can dedicate each one for him.
Mike Stone's Return will go so many years after he and his friends graduated high school. He realizes his dreams of starting a band went out the window after they all went their separate ways and decides to follow through. There will be new characters. Not many of the original ones will be in each issue. The only original characters who will be in the new issues will be Mike Stone, his best friend John Talini, Aaron McGiggns, Wayne Fresco, Sandra, Cathy, and off and on, Gilmore McGiggns.
Was tied between releasing them as short stories, picture books or as they are. Probably not short stories due to the issue of figuring out who they are for: Children or preteens or what (Amazon and Createspace). Picture books maybe, but it would cost more. So maybe I'll continue them as hand drawn and yes, they will be available for purchasing for a cheap price. Likely enough of a low price so I can keep up with pens, pencils, paper, and erasers. Each one signed of course and mailed to you, international, domestic. Want anymore information? Feel free to send a message (if anyone still visits this site) to ana_25michael2014@outlook.com.
And of course on the main page of here, you can find me elsewhere in this world on other social media sites.
Oh and perhaps an animated version of Mike Stone eventually on YouTube. It's my current boyfriend's idea.
A lot to come. Maybe even see my scripts/films out in the world one day.
Not giving up on my son or dreams, these "unrealistic" dreams that people say I have are just challenges I'm accepting. Never give up. I'll be here for you and your dreams.
New beginnings!


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