Hey, i'm Ariana Torralba, creator of this site and Mike Stone cartoons-and the comics i write here at home. I'm 26 years old now, from Fort Cobb, OK. As my pasttime stuff i do, i like to draw, write a lot, sing, dance, play the bass guitar and drums, work on the comics, and i feed our pets. Other jobs i do around here are to wake up early everyday and make the coffee then clean( used to get paid but that has ceased). As my at-home "jobs", i write stories and movie scripts. Love rock music, been a Linkin Park fan for as long as i've been creating Mike Stone- 13 1/2 years. Got questions? Please, feel free to email or post your question on the Forum. Thanks!!
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i love this song, serj has a really soothing voice.
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MCR Find

MCR Find

A new pic of the week is a find online, perhaps from a fellow fan of My Chemical Romance.
This is a list of my characters and who they are, sort of like getting to know some one/or more people.
The Characters:
Mike Stone-The main guy of Jersey City,NJ; he loves coffee and butterfingers.
Karen Stone-Mike’s sister; she is the one who tries to be popular but Mike ruins it for her. She’s dated more guys than anyone(besides Sue of course), Her current boyfriend is Mike’s friend Eric(she does marry him).
Sherise Stone-Mike’s mother; you’ll notice how her and Karen are alike in many ways except for the hair color(sherise’s hair is orange, Karen’s hair is brown). She hates her brother in law Howard and expects the treatment of a queen. Like Karen expects the treatment of a princess.
Jerry Stone-This is Mike’s dad. He looks almost like Mike’s teacher Mr. Omsted if you look closely. Originally Mike’s dad was going to be his teacher but I decided to change that.
Is A Man/Michael Stone-Is A Man, or Michael, is Mike’s twin brother which he dicovers that way down the line because I wrote when he finds out about 3 years ago so it’s been 8 years before I created this one. He does pick on Mike and he’s in a gang whichh sounds like it could be a band name: Corpse Barriers.
John Talini-This is Mike’s best friend most likely ‘til the day he dies because after they graduate and they deal with kids and marriage(plus work) Mike gets the idea for a band after a type of hallucination( he learns later there’s a gas leak in the basement but not that bad) and when his other friends from school abandon him(telling him to grow up and get a life) John is the only friend who joins his band, giving up his job a a successful lawyer for something he’s always wanted to be.
Gilmore-John’s cousin( Aaron’s and Vin’s older brother); he is naive but tries to look inteligent. For him, he’s always getting something in his beard. And likes to pick on his brothers. I’m working on a cartoon where he kicks his brother Aaron in the shin. So when Gilmore’s in the bathroom trying to comb his beard in the mirror you can see Aaron’s fist and he hits Gilmore in the face.
Vin- He’s the one who loves to take the time on his hair in the mornings. In the same “issue” that I described above he slaps Aaron and Gilmore upside the head while he had glue on his hands. He’s a little smarter than his brothers.
Aaron- The young one(16), he’s also shorter than his brothers. He loves to the L7 song Pretend We’re Dead and always dresses like he’s going to battle.
Uncle Howard- He’s Mike’s favorite uncle and Karen’s least favorite. He never finished high school so in a cartoon i’m working on his brothers and Sherise dare him to go to school with Mike and Karen. He’s single but meets Bertalina( a flight attendant/stewartess). Tom Everett’s character in Texas Chainsaw 3 Alfredo inspired me for this character-well, excluding the crazy part/ obsessed, but he was funny in the movie( I still think he should have longer parts in movies).
Sandra- She’s John’s girlfriend,later wife. She makes an appearance for the first time in Mike Stone’s Valentines Admirer. She is a goth/emo girl who hates when popular people bother her. Upside she loves emo music and metal and goth(Aiden,Slipknot,Him). Downside: she does end up marrying John at the age of 17 since she’s pregnant then. Another upside: she doesn’t cheat.
Cathy- Mike’s girlfriend, she also makes her first appearance in the same one as Sandra. Mike marries her after they graduate. They move to East Newark( where she’s from).
Bob- He is Mike’s first friend(kindergarten).With many problems, he’s always got trouble everyday. In Mike Stone’s Aftermath, he wakes up after partying and he is married to Crissy. That’s also the same one when Joseph ends up in court, Mike on an episode of Cops, and Sandra and John learning she’s pregnant.
Crissy- She is Bob’s wife but before, her and her enemy Laura always fought over Bob. Crissy is Mr. Omsted’s daughter(Joseph’s uncle) and after graduation, her and Bob move up to New York City.
Joseph- He is Crissy’s cousin and Anna’s boyfriend. He shows up in the Halloween Costume Party issue( i can recite that one without looking:) at one point Joseph, Eric, and John all looked the same so I had to change them.
Paco- He’s Mike’s cousin. He first appeared in the ‘05 or ‘06 issue for that Thanksgiving. I remember I had the flu really bad that winter and all I did was stay covered up and not eat anything so I created this Thanksgiving issue and added Paco. The good thing about my cartoons is they make me feel better when no one’s there for me.
Renee- Paco’s older sister. She’s more calm and nuturing. She also helps take care of grandma Leslie.
Eric- Karen’s only longtime boyfriend. He’s rich and hates Joseph but they do get along towards the time for them to graduate. But he challenges himself when his parents offer him and Karen to live with them in their mansion, he refuses and decides to live in a one story house which we know Karen hates him for that.
Anna- She makes her appearance in the same issue as Cathy and Sandra. The reason why her hair’s rigidy at the ends is because she has split ends. Her and Joseph marry.
Lover Boy Mervin- Jimmy Pop of the Bloodhound Gang inspired me for this character. He’s in the Lover Boy gang, which began in kindergarten. He’s got a crush on Sandra but she’s with John. so he hangs out with Mike and his friends at times. He is the funny one of the Lover Boy gang.
Josh Jal- This one reminds me of Davey Havok( it’s the hair), he’s as naive as Gilmore. When Josh Jal’s happy he tends to fall or trip so it’s hard for him to stay happy or unhappy.
Tre Truback- Tre is always wanting to be a news reporter or a trained spy. But his brother Shane is always wanting to be the sane thing so Tre tries to keep from arguing with his brother. He, Tre, likes Anna.
Shane Truback- Tre’s 15 year old brother. He is also more successful in school than Tre and likes to get payback at his brother such as in the Dodgeball issue(on the site), he tapes their dodgeball fight for humorous reasons( his brother is the reason) and uploads it on uTube.
Undead- He’s the leader of the Corpse Barriers and likes Sandra. Sounds like they’d be a perfect match huh?
Corey- He’s the new guy in the New Friend issue. My friend Corey inspired me for this character.
Devon Slayevezz- He’s Sandra’s funny uncle. He makes his appearance in the issue from 7-10-08, he looks a little like Serj Tankian.

Although I’d like to put more on here, I got over 320 or more characters so some other time.
Veronica-Mike’s ex.
Jim- Mike’s uncle.
Dahlia- John’s grandma.
Leslie- Mike’s competive grandma.(she hates Dahlia)
Paul- John’s grandpa.
Dan- Mike’s lookalike grandpa.
Bertalina- Uncle Howard’s girlfriend.
Marko- Mike’s uncle;Paco and Renee’s dad.
Coffin-Corspe Barrier
Grave-Corpse Barrier
Piercings-Corpse Barrier
LB Kyle-Lover Boy
LB Tom-LoverBoy
Lb Thomas-LoverBoy
Lb Drew-LoverBoy
Sue Wealthz- Rich popular girl
Lacy McTaines- Mike's stalker.
Jessica Nouse- Smart( or a geek)

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