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MCR Find

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"Mike Stone's Cook/Bake Off" copyright 8-12-09
Chapter 1:" Signup/Goat Cheese"
It is Friday morning at school. Mike and Bob are in the hall reading a poster.
Mike: Did you read that about the contest. I can finally make my bologna and cheddar cheese sandwich!! Heehee!!
Bob: Uh, I am sure they want stuff like pastas and cakes, and other stuff.
Mike: Aww. I never get to show off my sandwich recipe.
Bob: Well, you can always make it, just... Like mini ones. Like appetizers or whatever they're called. With different cheeses!
Mike: Even better. I can use goat cheese.
Bob: And I can make my peanut butter cookies- Or! Make oatmeal cookies and then make my own frosting!
Meanwhile, principal Al Fardon is looking over the list of who's all participating.
Al Fardon: Alright, let's see who's gonna be participating to represent our school.
The list reads Bob, Sandra and her uncles Devon and Norman, Mike and his uncle Howard.
Al Fardon: Oh no, Mike Stone. Oh well. As long as he don't embarrass the school.
Later the list is out in the hall reading their names and also the school that's going against them, Wyler High School. reading the following names; Mali Winder, Stephen and Amy McDrow, Susette Crusette, Jerry Robinson, and Farrah Crusette.
Sandra: Huh... I wonder if Mike's gonna make his Bologna and Cheddar Double sandwich.
Bob: Are we gonna practice?
Mike: Yep. And we're gonna practice at whoever has the biggest kitchen.
Later after school they are at Devon's house.
Chapter2: " Meet Devon Slayevezz"
Mike: I brought your uncle Butterfingers. The extra crunchy ones.
Uncle Howard: I am ready to cook. I brought my book. It now has coffee stains on it.
Bob: I didn't bring anything. Uh, Sandra, is your uncle mean?
Sandra: Nope. He's as nice as a harmless pit bull. The kitchen is almost as big as 2 1/2 living rooms. Right Uncle Norman?
Norman: Psh! NICE. You should've seen him when we were younger. Slammed me into a glass table. But now I'm stronger... He's still tough though.
After knocking, Devon opens the door and looks at them.
Devon: AHH!!!!
He slams the door shut.
Norman: Hey! Idiot, it's your brother. And niece and some other people.
Devon now opens the door and greets each of them.
Sandra: Uncle Devon!
Norman: Devon, you and your wild hair.
Devon: Hello San. And my 2nd oldest brother. I like my wild hair. So, yeah. But come in everyone and let's begin to cook.
Chapter3: " Practice/the Argument"
4 hours pass and they practice by letting one of them be the judge.
Devon: I will be the judge.
He goes to Bob.
Bob: Keylime Pie.
Devon: Bland. And 10% sweet, 90% lime.
He goes to Howard.
Uncle Howard: Jalapeno sauce.
Devon: Very spicy. It is okay... okee.
After burning his throat, he goes to Sandra.
Devon: Splendid, San. My only niece cooks just like her uncle. Me not the other one.
Sandra: Thank you, Uncle Devon.
He goes to his brother.
Devon: That just plain sucked.
Norman:... You spoil Sandra too much.
He goes to Mike.
Devon: Did you use Goat Cheese?
Mike: Ha! You noticed.
And now the final one.
Devon: Shrimp Alfredo... Eh, good! Not great.
Devon: Good not "Great"?! C'mon, I am protesting this Cookoff until I get a Great!
Devon: Well, now I am just gonna give you a huge "F". Og jeg skal hugger dit skæg som en form for at sige "Du er ude'. *Translation: And I shall cut off your beard as a form of saying 'You're out'.
Devon:AHH!! Not my beard, hadjiss!!!!!!*Translation: Please!!!!!!*
everyone's looking at him confusingly, except Sandra
Sandra: Uhh... my uncle has the habit of arguing with himself in foreign languages, heehee.
Norman: Devon, that was both entertaining and disturbing.
Devon: Apparently that judge is pretty tough.
Chapter 4: "Contest Day"
The day of the contest, Al Fardon is passing by the principal of their rivaling school.
Al Fardon: Wyler High School.
Jacob Jenx: Jersey City High School.
Now the judge makes his announcement.
Markus .W.: Good day, I am Markus Winterkowzki. Two schools are competing here to help their school win a large amount of money, $79,000, to help get more equipment, school buses, and other stuff. So, let's begin and have fun!
Wyler's flipping pizza dough and making sushi, one girl is putting make up on and the other's talking on the phone.
Farrah: Yuh. I am stuck at this dumb cook off. But, *sighes* oh well...
Jerry Robinson: Get off the phone Farrah! Susette, stop the make up work!- Argh!! AM I THE ONLY ONE DOING ALL THE WORK AROUND HERE??!!
Meanwhile, Jersey City's not starting off right.
Mike:... That one guy is surprisingly scary!
Bob: He looks just like my dad... and yells like him.
Sandra: Guys! the contest, we need help!
Uncle Howard's looking up at his hair with a worried look.
Uncle Howard: Someone got dough in my hair. Oh boy...
Norman's busy cooking and Devon's looking around.
Devon: Huh... Where'd my dough go?
about 2 hours later, everyone's done cooking and baking. The judge is ready to begin.
He goes to wyler first.
Markus: The pizza dough is stale, sauce is still cold and the pepperoni's look more like box cut outs. The sushi is good.
He now goes to Mike and them.
Mike: I'm too nervous. Wait, nevermind. I just had to burp.
Markus: The sauce is mild and very garlicky. Oatmeal cookies are great.
He tries a sandwich.
Markus:... Is that swiss and goat cheese?
Mike: Hee! He noticed.
Markus: Lasagna... is very italian.
Devon: I'm not Italian, but I am part middle eastern and native american.
Norman: Idiot.
Markus: My judging is done here! I proclaim that, the following school wins. Jersey City. But Wyler also gets a prize as well, $1,000. Jersey City, $79,000. Thank you everyone for showing up and supporting your school. Feel free to enjoy the dishes they have prepared.
Al Fardon: Did we win? Did Mike embarrass us? Why am I still here?!
Mike: Wow, I just noticed something.
He turns to Bob.
Mike: What if that dude over there is another kid your dad had?
Bob:Uh oh. That could be a problem.
Mike: Yeah... you'd have a brother instead of a sister. If you want a sister you can have Karen.
Bob: Nope, she's not cool.
Chapter 5: "Ending"
Jerry: So, Mike, did you win?
Mike: Yep! Uncle Howard still has dough in his hair.
Jerry: Ha!
Uncle Howard: Ha to you to Jerry.
Jerry: Why?
Jerry reaches around in his hair and comes across gum.
Jerry: AHH!!!!
dated: 8-12-09 (c) by: Ariana Torralba
"Mike Stone's Race to the Perfect Valentine Gift" dated 1-3-10
"Valentines Announcement!!"
Josh Jal and Mike are hanging out in the hall when Josh Jal discovers a new announcement on the school bulletin and Mike's listening to his mp3
Josh Jal: Chee-Cheeap Ss-kate...Mmwwway.
Mike: Don't you have glasses now Josh Jal?
Josh Jal:... Oh yeah!
Josh jal digs in his backpack and puts on black rimmed glasses and then reads.
Josh Jal: Huh.Valentines is comin' up!
MIke, in a good mood, listening to his music loud, stops and his eyes grow wide.
Mike runs off screaming loud and Josh jal stands there with his arms crossed. Josh, not concerned, looks towards the bulletin again and uncrosses arms.
Josh Jal:...Oh look, the LoverBoy Gang put a post up.
He takes a flyer and it reads"The LoverBoys are Back!! LoverBoys strike every Valentines! Girls of Jersey City High School, prepare to have your hearts stolen and won over by the LoverBoys!! Love:LoverBoy Gang".
Meanwhile, Karen is in the office complaining to principal Al Fardon.
Karen: But you gotta have a Valentine Dance! Mike is acting normal this Valentines!!
Al Fardon: Huh... Is there proof of that?
All of a sudden they hear screaming and they look to the window on the office door to see Mike running by screaming.
Karen stands up and faces Al Fardon.
Karen: Sorry for wasting your time.
Al nods and she leaves.
"BETA Club vs. the LoverBoy Gang"
Meanwhile, Tre Truback-being the BETA Club President, is arguing with LoverBoy Mervin who's carrying a box.
Tre: You better watch it LoverBoy Gang. You aren't gonna take over Valentines giftgiving this year. I'm in charge of the BETA Club now!
Mervin just looks at Tre and sets the box down on a desk.
Mervin:Yeah, tell me that again when you've grown two feet and can actually sell a small set of toothpicks. I've got gifts to prepare.
Mervin sits down in the desk and then there's a loud crash. Next thing he knows he's sitting in a broken desk and it fell in. Tre laughes.
Tre: HAHAHA!! i unscrewed the desk and replaced the back legs with flexible plastic. Never mess with someone who's also a master at science! Score one for the short dude!! haha!! later Mervin.
Tre walks away and Mervin has a surprised look then his eyes go back to normal and he still stays seated in the desk.
Mervin: Later Tre!...Could've done without that.
"Mike helps the BETA Club"
After school, Mike stays because his friend Wayne says he can help him with his Valentine problem.
Wayne: Don't worry, the BETA Club can help you out. You can't join though, we know all your shenanigans.
Mike: Don't worry, my GPA is 2.7!! I want to get a huge Butterfinger!! In the shape of a guitar. For Cathy.
they walk in and go up to the BETA Club president Tre Truback.
Tre: Wayne, you made it. Hey Mike, sorry you can't join.
Wayne: Mike needs help with a Valentine gift problem and he's broke.
Mike: something crunchy and chocolatey.
Tre:Huh... Mike! I know how I can help you and you help me!
Mike points out a large picture of Tre hanging up on the wall that reads"Tre Truback, BETA Club President".
Mike: What happened to your eye?!
Tre's picture has him squinting his left eye, raising his left eyebrow and his right eye is almost closed and he's smiling.
Tre: Oh. My contact fell out right when they took the photo-anyways, Mike, you can help me. But first, meet the BETA Club members! Wayne, Aaron-take off the mask.
Aaron: Okee-Dokey!!
Tre:Eric, Korey I Forgot and your cousin Kaylee.
Kaylee: HI MIKE!!
While standing there, Eric gets scared*Note:Eric, in the older comics, use to hang out with Mike until he turned his back on MIke and the other guys: Joseph, John, and Bob.*
Eric: Uh oh. MIke!
Mike: Eric, so, here is where you ended up. in the dump of the BTAE Club.
Eric: BETA Club, idiot.
Mike: What do you know!
Tre: Mike! we will help you, but you have to help us too.In order for us to help you, you must help us take down the LoverBoy Gang!! Will you help us Mike?
Mike:Eh, sure, why not.
Tre: Where did you get that Butterfinger?
Mike:...I have no idea. I just found it in the corner over there with the dust and boxes.
Then Mike takes a bite from the candy and Tre and everyone's just looking at him.
"MIke helps the BETA Club take down the LoverBoy Gang"
It's a day away from Valentines Day and the game begins. Mike and Josh Jal sneak into the LoverBoy Gang's working room and take the roses.
Mike:haha, we did it!!
Josh Jal:...What do we do now?
Mike: Hide them where they can't find 'em.
They hide the roses in Aaron's locker. Happy, Josh Jal turns to the right.
Josh Jal: Okay, now what about those ones they already gave out?
Mike turns and sees the LoverBoy Gang giving out roses.
Mike: We will let them realize it's fake roses!!
Lacy McTaines walks by with a rose.
Lacy: Aww! it's a real rose!!
Mike and Josh Jal just look at her.Meanwhile, Karen is walking down the hall and she runs into Eric, her ex.
Karen: Well, Eric. i didn't know you were still here.
Eric: yes...yes i am. and right now, i got gifts to give out for Valentines day.
Karen: Uh, Eric, tomorrow's Valetines.
Eric: Oh yeeah. Well, bye Karen.
Karen: Bye, loser.
He walks away and she looks around.
Karen: I can't believe i actually miss the tall idiot.
Mervin and LoverBoy Kyle go into the BETA Club office and hides the gifts they had prepared to give out for the next day.
Mervin:WAIT!! Don't hide that one.
Kyle looks at the tag and it reads"To: Sandra from:your admirer Mervin"
Kyle: She always slaps you when you get her a gift Mervin.
Mervin: One day though, one day.
Tre and Kaylee are in the hall on their way to the office.
Tre: so, Kaylee, have any plans for Valentines?
Kaylee: Eh, i might help my dad at the store and then go home to sleep all day.
Tre: Expecting anything tomorrow?
Kaylee: Well, i'm expecting a book in the mail maybe.
Tre: Really?
Kaylee: no,i'm just making stuff up.
They go into the office and find the LoverBoy Gang in there trying to hide the gifts. They just look at each other.
Tom: Maybe if we don't move, they won't see us.
Tre: Get out of here.
Kyle: Okay, we will.
They walk out and set the gifts down and leave.
"2/14/10, it's Valetines"
Afternoon time at the school, everyone's talking and are happy. Mike sneaks into the LoverBoy's office room along with Tre and Josh Jal, they grab the boxes of roses*note:the LoverBoy's are famous for giving roses, which is their main attraction for Valentines*. They leave the room and go into another room that leads up to the top of the school building. Meanwhile, Wayne, Eric, Korey I Forgot, Aaron, and Kaylee are going around the classes and giving out the gifts.Sandra gets her gift from John and one from Mervin.
Sandra: Why do i get gifts from Mervin when i just hit him anyways to make him leave me alone?
Mervin: it's called obsession!!
All of a sudden Kyle and Drew run in Mr. Omsted's class.
Drew: Mervin!! The ROSES ARE GONE!!!!
Mervin: AHH!!!!!
Everyone got something from someone and soon the bell rang to go home.Mike and the guys tear the roses up and then tossed the rose petals down over the school yard. Everyone came walking out and was surprised and happy to see rose petals falling from the sky.And,of course, some thought their boyfriends or girlfriends had set that up just for them.
Crissy: Aww, Bob!! You didn't have to!!
laura: aww, BOB!! I knew you loved me!!
And Bob, begins to regret Valetines Day and looked miserable.
Mike and the guys walked on down and stood there watching the petals stream down.
Cathy: That is so nice of you to do Mike!!
Mike: Thank you Cathy. Happy Valetines Day!
Mike gave his girlfriend a heart shaped box, she unwrapped it and it was a butterfinger.
Cathy: Thanks Mike.
Karen and Eric stood there watching the petals.
Eric: Karen, i was wondering if you would like to go out with me tonight?
Karen: Okay. But you have to go where ever i say we should go.
Eric: Now i know why i left her in the first place.
Kaylee stood there watching the petals fall steadily and is intrigued. Tre walks up and decides to be brave.
Tre: Um, Kaylee.
Kaylee: Yea Tre?
Tre: Here you go, a gift from me.
He gave Kaylee a little box and she opened it to find a necklace in the shape of a heart with little blue and white diamonds around it.
Kaylee: Aww, thank you so much Tre!
Tre: Happy Valentines Day!!
Awkward silence. Then Kaylee, who secretly liked Tre anyways, hugged Tre and then kissed him on the cheek.
Kaylee: See you around Tre!
After she walked away, Tre fainted. And it ends with Mike and Cathy walking down the sidewalk.
Cathy: soo, Mike, any plans for us tonight such as going to the movies or hanging out at the park?
Mike: I got just the perfect day, we are gonna sit on the couch and watch Run Fatboy Run!! it has your favorite actor, Simon Pegg!!
Cathy: you know Mike, i'm beginning to wonder what i ever seen in you.
Mike: it's the beard... It's the beard.
The End
Ariana Torralba

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