Hey, i'm Ariana Torralba, creator of this site and Mike Stone cartoons-and the comics i write here at home. I'm 26 years old now, from Fort Cobb, OK. As my pasttime stuff i do, i like to draw, write a lot, sing, dance, play the bass guitar and drums, work on the comics, and i feed our pets. Other jobs i do around here are to wake up early everyday and make the coffee then clean( used to get paid but that has ceased). As my at-home "jobs", i write stories and movie scripts. Love rock music, been a Linkin Park fan for as long as i've been creating Mike Stone- 13 1/2 years. Got questions? Please, feel free to email or post your question on the Forum. Thanks!!
Ariana Torralba
More music. More bands.
the used  4.96MB
i like this song so much i just don't know the name!!!
bids eye-mike patton/serj tankian  4.86MB
i love this song, serj has a really soothing voice.
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MCR Find

MCR Find

A new pic of the week is a find online, perhaps from a fellow fan of My Chemical Romance.




from the new Mike stone i'm working on, Mike Stone's Trip to 1930, here Mike is freaking out since he thinks butterfingers weren't invented yet. they were though, back in 1923, they were invented. interesting fact, huh. anyways, he yells:"NO!!! NO BUTTERFINGERS!!!!" then sobs. he finds out they were around though. Look for more on the new Mike Stone work.


My little brother Natai's birthday card here. he actually was the one who inspired me to create Gilmore(so Gilmore is technically his character) while my brother's friend Ben inspired me to create Vin(nie) and our cousin Teon represents the short Aaron.


here's a scene from the new Mike Stone i'm working on. the valentines one. tre is battling the LoverBoy gang for valentines gift giving and to get back at one of the guys, tre unscrewed the desk and replaced the back legs with flexible plastic. so, it resulted in this: Mervin falling in and sitting there.


here's mike(on the ground) and josh jal after being hit in the face and bleeding.


here is a scene i just finished up. Shopping with the Slayevezz's Devon Slayevezz. He's trying to decide what kind of cereal to buy.
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Also, check out my new blog post on here, there is more information and news on the future of Mike Stone Cartoons.

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This is a scene I just created yesterday. My inspiration actually came from my little brother and my friend "C"(don't want to put his real name). They were trying to lift weights and to see if C could pull my little brother up while holding on. Let's just say the outcome is resembling to what happened to Mike and his friend Corey. I thought it was funny. So, many thanks to my little brother and my friend.


Here is the first scene from the Cook/BakeOff. This is Uncle Devon Slayevezz, arguing with himself, when he argues with himself he does it in many different languages. He's one of the funny ones on here.


this is a scene of what it's like at John's cousins house on a regular day. aaron get's revenge on gilmore and vinnie is putting together a kitten puzzle.


Here's a scene from Mike Stone's Becoming the Nerd, here he is talking about streaking down the halls which you can tell it is creeping out his friend Evan.


I know this is really late but i added a scene from Mike Stone's Halloween with Uncle howard. This scene they're about to go out and Howard was really bragging about being a dodgeball champion for 15 yrs in school then he gets egged.


this is Mike after he graduated from school. here he's talking with his kids bert and helena. i got the idea for this scene from the kiss song 2,000 man. (ace frehley was the first guy i ever had a crush on. and i was pretty young then).
Josh Jal

Josh Jal

this is Josh Jal in his first appearance. He is sad, hint by how his eyes look, because a bully just broke his afi necklace that he bought recently.


the valentines dance the fellas ruin for Karen. In this scene Aaron(John's cousin)is pretending he's dead but he's just floating away and you can see his brothers Gilmore and Vin in the background plus Karen in the bottom corner.
john talini

john talini

this is John(far left) and his girfriend Sandra. The three other guys are john's cousins Aaron(pulling),Gilmore(the middle),and Vin(with scissors). The little guy is john's brother Mark.

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